In most simple terms, we make towels and bed sheets. Most of our clients are institutions such as hotel groups, spas, resorts and even universities. For instance, the towels used at the Youth Olympic Games held on the Nanyang Technological University campus in 2010 were provided by us.

We work in two ways; for our clients who wish to refresh their bed and bath linen stock, we meet with them a few times until we understand the quality they require. Thereafter, we provide them with a Proof of Concept before finalizing their order. Once the order is confirmed, we work with our manufacturing partners overseas to make the towels and bed sheets and deliver to our clients between 60 – 90 days.

The second way we work is to understand the popular in-demands products for customers who need regular supplies in smaller quantities. For the convenience of these customers, we keep ready stock of required towels, bed sheets, mattress protectors, pillowcases in various sizes and qualities and colours at our warehouse based in Singapore.